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How to secure your passwords with keepass


What is KeePass

KeePass is a free and free password manager. It allows you to create an encrypted database in order
to store a set of passwords in a secure way. The database is in the form of a .kdbx file which
can only be opened via the KeePass software if you enter a master password. The user therefore
only has one password to know to access all these other passwords.

KeePass uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption by default.
This is a robust and reliable standard in the world of data encryption, it is also the encryption
system used by the US government

Create a database with KeePass


Step 1

Launch the KeePAss software.
How to secure your passwords with keepass
Click on the File menu and choose the New option. The message that appears tells you that
you are going to create a file to store the database and recommends that you clearly identify
where you save this file and also think about making backup copies. Validate with the OK button.
How to secure your passwords with keepass
Navigate in the next window to determine where you want to create your database then enter the name of the file
in the corresponding field. Be sure to keep the .kdbx extension at the end of your file name.
How to secure your passwords with keepass
How to secure your passwords with keepass
Choose your master password by entering it twice and making sure it is secure.
How to secure your passwords with keepass
How to secure your passwords with keepass
Enter a name for your database (Database name). You can also enter a description (Database description) and
default user name (Default user name for new entries). The default user name will be offered systematically
when you register a new password, so I recommend that you enter your email address.
How to secure your passwords with keepass
How to secure your passwords with keepass
You can, if you wish, go through the options using the different tabs.

Tab Security

This tab gives you access to the choice of the encryption algorithm of your database. It also provides access to key
transformation settings. When you enter your password to open your database, it will be transformed a certain number of times.
The higher the number of transformations, the longer the processing time. A long processing time will greatly increase
the brute force password cracking time. To give an example, if the processing time lasts 0.01s, it will be possible to test
1000 passwords in 10s. If the processing time is 1s, it will only be possible to test 10.
This processing time will apply to each loading and modification of your database. It is therefore a question of finding a
reasonable compromise between comfort of use and safety.
How to secure your passwords with keepass

Tab Compression

This tab gives access to a single option concerning data compression. This is enabled by default.
You will have relatively light files anyway whether they are compressed or not. A database containing a hundred
passwords will weigh less than 50Kb.
How to secure your passwords with keepass

Tab Recyble Bin

This tab allows you to activate a recycle bin when deleting entries from your database.
How to secure your passwords with keepass

Tab Advanced

This last tab mainly allows you to strengthen the security of your database by forcing you to change the master password
at regular intervals.
How to secure your passwords with keepass
After validating your different options, click on the OK button to display the following message. KeePass then offers
you to print a summary sheet on which you will find the KeePass instructions and on which you can write your master password
if you are afraid of losing it.
How to secure your passwords with keepass
You can skip this step by clicking Skip.
The database is created. KeePass has added categories and sample passwords that you can remove.
How to secure your passwords with keepass
Noe you need to save the database because not yet saved
To add a new entry, simply click on the icon button add an entry or go to the menu Entry then Add an entry
How to secure your passwords with keepass
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