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How to create Transparent Image in Paint.NET on Windows step-by-step

   Create Transparent Image in Paint.NET on Windows
We can use Paint.NET to remove the background we want from the image. The foreground objects or items in the
image will remain as it is and the background pixels will have nothing.
   Once the image will be ready, you can save it as a PNG image or some other supported format that
supports a transparent background.
How to create Transparent Image in Paint.NET on Windows step-by-step
   Paint.NET also comes with the feature to set the opacity level for the entire image.
So, instead of making the image background transparent, you can simply make the entire
image semi-transparent or set the opacity level as per your needs to adjust image transparency.
This post covers both ways.

Create a Transparent Image in Paint.NET


Step 1:

   Open Paint.NET using its desktop shortcut or Start menu. After that, use the File menu in Paint.NET to open
an image whose background you want to remove.
After that, press the F5 hotkey to open its Tools. It will appear on the left side (see image below).
There, select the Magic Wand tool.
How to create Transparent Image in Paint.NET on Windows step-by-step

Step 2:

   Now press on hold Ctrl key and use the left mouse button to select areas using the Magic Wand tool that you
want to remove or make transparent. Carefully select areas. If the Magic Wand tool selects other areas or
pixels that you don’t want to remove from the image, then adjust the tolerance level using the available
slider, as visible in the screenshot below.

Step 3:

   You might need to repeat this process multiple times until you get the exact areas or pixels.
In addition to that, you can also take the help of the Zoom-in option and Eraser tool to select correct
areas and remove/add pixels. This might take time but you have to do it precisely to get a good output.
Once you’ve done that, press the Delete key. You will notice that all those areas are removed and the
background is transparent now.
   Finally, you can save the image as PNG or another format that supports transparent background using
Save as available in the File menu.

Set the opacity level to adjust image transparency

How to create Transparent Image in Paint.NET on Windows step-by-step
   In case, you don’t want to make the image background transparent but adjust the transparency level
(between 0-255) of the whole image, then you can use other steps.
For that, open Paint.NET and add an image. Now press F4 hotkey, you will see the Layer Properties box.
In that box, move the Opacity slider from left to right to adjust the image transparency from 0 to 255.
Less will be the opacity, more will be the transparency level of the image, and you will also be able
to see the changes in the image in real-time.

Step 4:

Settings opacity level to 0 will make the image completely invisible and that won’t make any sense.
So, adjust the opacity level as per your needs. When the transparency level is set, press the OK button.
After that, you can use Save as in the File menu to store the output image in any folder.
How to create Transparent Image in Paint.NET on Windows step-by-step

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