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How to Fix a Windows 11 (Windows 10) Infinite Reboot Loop

How to Fix a Windows 11 (Windows 10) Infinite Reboot Loop
In previous versions of Windows this may have required a complete reinstall.
Thanks to the way Windows 11 (Windows 10) is designed, a reboot loop can be solved relatively quickly.

Here's how to fix a Windows 11 (Windows 10) boot loop and start your PC or laptop in minutes.

It is easy to spot, especially from the correct Windows loading error after turning on the computer.
Conversely, the computer will not be able to reach the logon screen before restoring
the startup screen and attempting to reload Windows. It is now stuck in an endless
loop of booting and crashing.

The error occurs due to a problem with the Windows registry. Unfortunately, without booting into Windows
the registry cannot be repaired, leaving the operating system unreachable. It's a Catch-22 situation.
To work around this problem, use the Windows 11 (Windows 10) recovery options.

What causes a Windows 11 (Windows 10) boot loop?
Generally, the error can be traced back to one of these three things:


1. Windows update


2. Updated or new Windows driver


3. The installation of new software (an app or a game)


Something in the process goes wrong. The result is a computer stuck in an endless reboot loop.

This is a problem that has plagued Windows for years. Further down the page, we have some tips
for fixing boot loops in Windows 7 and Windows 8. If you're using Windows 10, however,
the fixes you're looking for are in the next section


Start in Safe Mode to fix Windows 11 (Windows 10) endless boot loops


There are three more options to fix an infinite boot loop in Windows 11 (Windows 10) :

 - Safe Mode: Allows you to log into the operating system and uninstall any software, driver or Windows
Update that is causing the error
 - System Restore - A quick way to undo recent changes
 - Reinstall Windows 10/11: the nuclear option, to use when nothing else works or you don't mind
losing your data.

Start in safe mode will depend on the presentation of the boot loop and system configuration.


A/ Dual boot Windows system

If you have multiple versions of Windows installed on your computer, wait for the operating system
selection screen to appear. When given the choice, instead of selecting Windows 10, choose Change
defaults or choose other options. Then follow the steps above to enter Safe Mode.


B/ Manual start in safe mode

Before starting the restart, you have three options to restart Windows 11 (Windows 10) in safe mode
  • Press and hold Shift then Start> Restart to start Windows 11 (Windows 10) in Advanced Startup Options.
  • You can also open Settings (press WIN + I) then Update & Security> Recovery> Advanced Startup> Restart Now.
  • In command prompt (search for cmd in the Start menu, then right-click and select
  • Run as administrator) enter shutdown / r / o to restart the computer in the advanced startup options.


    C/ Use Bootable Media to start in Safe Mode

    Windows 11 (Windows 10) users should have a recovery partition on their PC's hard drive. If not, you can
    create a USB recovery drive by downloading the Windows 11 (Windows 10) Bootable media. Note that
    this will need to be created with another computer.
    With Windows 11 (Windows 10) stuck in the reboot loop, all you need to do is insert the installation media.
    Alternatively, access UEFI / BIOS (tap Del, F8 or F1 at system startup) and find the boot manager.
    Select the recovery partition as the primary device, then restart your computer.


    Fix Infinite Boot loop in Windows 11 (Windows 10) ( start in Safe Mode )

    With your computer in Safe Mode, you can take steps to prevent further boot cycles.
    This could be anything from uninstalling drivers to uninstalling Windows updates in the command prompt.


    Fix Infinite Boot Loop in Windows 11 (Windows 10) with Windows Update Troubleshooter

    In the command prompt (which you should open as an administrator on the desktop), enter
    net stop wuauserv

    Follow it with
    net stop bits

    Wait for the answer,then select C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution
    (The Software Distribution folder is a folder located in the Windows directory.
    It is used to save files temporarily that may be required to install Windows Update (WU) on your computer.
    therefore, the Software Distribution folder is required by Windows Update and maintained by WUAgent.)
    Here, delete all the contents of the directory.


    Fix Infinite Boot Loop in Windows 11 (Windows 10) caused by hardware drivers

    If the system is in a boot loop due to hardware drivers, this can also be fixed in safe mode.
    Right-click on Start and select Device Manager. Here, look for the suspicious device. Typically,
    this will be something you've recently added, although not always. Right-click the device,
    select Properties> Driver and select Roll Back Driver.
    If the problem persists, disable and uninstall the driver. With the device selected, right-click
    and choose Disable Device, then Uninstall Driver. You can then restart Windows 11 (Windows 10).


    Reset or reinstall Windows 11 (Windows 10) to fix Infinite Boot Loop

    If you can't start in Safe Mode or the fixes don't work, your best bet is to use the update option.
    You can also reset Windows 11 (Windows 10) to factory settings.

    How to factory reset Windows 10

    How to factory reset Windows 11

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