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Google: this is how the new search engine will be

May 7, 2023

Google: this is how the new search engine will be
In mid-April, some rumors emerged regarding two projects implemented by Google : one, called Magi , aims to enhance the current search engine , while the other will lead to the launch of a completely new platform dedicated to the indexing of information online. The latter will inevitably require longer times to materialise. With regard to the first, however, a new corridor item should be reported today.

A new search engine for Google

According to the Wall Street Journal, which reported the details contained in an internal company document seen exclusively, the changes will aim to answer queries that cannot be easily satisfied by the traditional 10 blue links of Web results . The Mountain View group will create a more personal service , enhanced by features that will include a chatbot ( Bard will do its part), the display of short video clips as well as posts taken directly from social networks and forums .

"More than for the answers, we will be of help when there is no right answer."

In a certain sense, Google's intention seems to be to wink at content creators , giving them more space and supporting them, as it has done for decades with site managers. In this way, it would aim to capture the attention and preferences of a younger target than the one who experienced the birth and growth of the online world, and is accustomed to the classic dynamics of search engines.
The queries could therefore activate a sort of conversation , a question and answer with artificial intelligence, and the SERPs could be replaced or in any case enriched by visual elements , among which moving in a purely social way, similar to the swipes of Instagram and TikTok.
Considering the appointment with the I / O 2023 event now upon us (the same one that will host the Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a announcements ), starting on Wednesday 10 May, it won't be long before we find out more officially.

Pros and cons: a revolution to ponder

There is no doubt that the recent launch of the new Bing with GPT-4 by Microsoft, as well as the interest aroused by ChatGPT and other generative AI tools , have prompted Google to speed up the pace and question its leadership in the industry that has been going on for decades now.
However, there are factors at play that cannot be ignored. First of all, the habits of most users , who could suddenly find themselves having to deal with search dynamics that are different from those that have become almost automatic over time. Then, the impact these changes will have on traffic to indexed sites and resources. Finally, the possible repercussions on the business that has always been the beating heart of the Mountain View group, its main source of income, that linked to advertising .
Source: The Wall Street Journal 
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